[ Did You know? ]  Designed to work with any Windows 7 / 8 compatible hardware, Power Plan Assistant can also optionally install the  Boot Camp features

  Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 & 8 is the multiple award-winning
    software, created to redefine the Windows 7 / 8 laptop experience!
Version 3.1c (03/12/2015) at FileCluster.com

   Awards since 2009

   Learn about the features for:   Any notebook     Macbook Pro/Air

Power Plan Assistant application can be considered as "donationware":
it's totally free to use, although the users are welcome to support the
development by making a voluntary donation. Every donator receives
Personal Serial Number, becoming the registered user of the program!

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[ Did You know? ]  Power Plan Assistant now comes with an optional system Power icon replacement - a totally new, compact, yet very clear and informative tray icon

Power Plan Assistant is copyright 2009-2015 Vladimir Plenskiy.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.